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Mr Austin & Co is often asked if he designs all of the cards. Of course not, I'm nowhere near that talented. But all of these people are. If you're a fan Of Dandelion, love your Ohh Deer cards, or just want to dive into a bowl of Filthy Soup, this is the easy place to track down your favourite designers. Our favourite?


That's like being asked who your favourite dog is.

poet & painter (35).png


We are always looking for new designers and card companies to join the Austin & Co family below.


Given that there are no trade shows for the next few months, we are always interested to hear from prospective suppliers, whether you're an established card company or new to the industry. All we ask for is a professional approach to card production and a portfolio that gives us an idea of the depth of your work.

Any enquiries to

ps dogs help ;)

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